HSP Worldwide, the official distributor in the Netherlands of:

FITOK, specialist in Instrumentation Fittings and Valves and Sampling Systems.

PYPLOK fittings are permanently swaged in 'seconds' - reduces on-site time and labor.

Tube-Mac, specialist in 37° Flare Flange and Retain Ring Flange.

HSP Worldwide, supplier of Eaton Walterscheid in the Netherlands.

HSP Worldwide is the specialist in supplying of:
Green Energy H2 components
Inspection and Commissioning
Industrial Hoses
Industrial Valves

Secondment we have a network of qualified service and commissioning engineers who we can send out for your worldwide projects.



Global Supplier of Non-Welded Piping Systems and Components

37° Flare Flange

The flared configuration is based on flaring the pipe ends to 37 degrees and utilizing flanges and internal cones. O-Ring face cone with o-ring seal mating to flat face cone. Both internal cones have back-up o-rings.

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Retain Ring Flange

The retain ring configuration uses heavy wall pipe and has a machined butt end face, along with an annular groove on the outside diameter.

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The PYPLOK® connecting system is a weld-less, thread-less way to join pipe. It has a successful history in the most demanding environments where fire safety is essential as well as a quick and easy solution to maintenance repairs.

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Product Catalogues

Here you will find the Tube-Mac and the PYPLOK catalogue:

Tube-Mac catalogue
PYPLOK® catalogue

HYDROGEN in a few words

Why does hydrogen have a place in the energy transition?

Hydrogen is everywhere around us.
Actually pure water, the famous H2O is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen.
If hydrogen is the energy’s future, it is because of its energetic power and the absence of pollution of its combustion.
1 kg of hydrogen contains three times more energy as 1 kg of gasoline. It is a clean energy carrier, that means that a hydrogen engine only discharges water. Hydrogen is an ultra-light gas and difficult to store.
HSP Green Energy can supply a wide range of products in this field.



HSP Worldwide, the official distributor of FITOK in the Netherlands.
Founded in 1998, FITOK Group has been an industry-leading developer and manufacturer of superior quality instrumentation valves and fittings.
We have the capability to manufacture and supply 5 different product categories, including:
General Instrumentation Valves and Fittings
Medium & High Pressure Valves and Fittings
High Purity & Ultra High Purity Products
Sampling Systems

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The Facts of FITOK

Download our brochure: The Facts of FITOK.
Test results, Approved Customers & Certificates.

Save up to 20–30% with FITOK!

Interchangeable with all major brands such as Swagelok, Parker and DK Lok

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Eaton Walterscheid

HSP Worldwide, supplier of Eaton Walterscheid in the Netherlands.
Our Walterscheid tube connector series offers reliable leak free design with high bending and impulse resistance. With three different ways to create a connection, it provides a complete solution for any tube fitting needs and can meet a wide range of application challenges.
The design features enable simple, safe, and repeatable manual assembly — or our high performance machines make assembly quicker and easier. In addition, our unique Guardian Seal surface plating enables high corrosion resistance without affecting assembly strength.

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Inspections, Service and Commissioning

HSP Worldwide has a team of highly qualified engineers.
We can inspect, service and overhaul your hydraulic installations.

HSP Worldwide has a network of service-, inspection- and commissioning engineers. All our engineers are highly experienced specialists in the On & Offshore FPSO market.

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Module building

HSP Worldwide also helps the client with production peaks. We can build complete modules to help our customers for a quicker building proces.

Do you have any questions about module building, please mail to info@hspworldwide.com


HSP Worldwide supplies all necessary valves:
Standard valves
Actuaded valves
Special requested valves
Complete range of instrumentation valves
Safety valves
Double block and bleed valves

Hoses and Couplings

HSP Worldwide delivers to:
Maritime and Offshore
Food Industry
Industrial Cleaning

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Pressure Gauges

All gauges can be delivered with certificates
Stainless steel gauges
Exotic material gauges
Chemical seal gauges
Differential gauges
Digital gauges
Pressure recorders
Temperature gauges


Seamless tube and pipe
Hydraulic tubing
Precision tubes
High-pressure tubes
Tubular products
3R60 tubing
Duplex tubing
Super duplex tubing


Mounting Materials

Fastening systems:
Tube clamps
Twin clamps
Rail system