Inspections, Service and Commissioning

HSP Worldwide has a team of highly qualified engineers.
We can inspect, service and overhaul your hydraulic installations.

HSP Worldwide has a network of service-, inspection- and commissioning engineers. All our engineers are highly experienced specialists in the On & Offshore FPSO market.

Inspection and Commissioning

HSP Worldwide scope off supply to the customer is:
Inspection of complete On and Offshore units
Commissioning of Cargo valve systems, hydraulic units, etc
Repair and overhaul of complete hydraulic units on site
Overhaul of hydraulic valve actuators
Overhaul of complete tubing installations
System upgrades
Supply all necessary materials for all systems
Everything against competitive rates


Complete package inspections

HSP Worldwide takes care of its customers. When you need our service, we can supply you with the complete package: Inspection, Engineers and all necessary parts.
HSP Worldwide has built up a well-known reputation as a supplier in the Oil & Gas market over the past 3 years.
We are distributor for:
Fitok instrumentation valves and fittings
Sandvik Tubing
Pressure gauges
Nemo Powertools
Mounting materials
Filters, complete hoses and connections for the Oil & Gas market and many more.

The HSP Worldwide service team are not only highly experienced Engineers, our crew also have experience working safely and together with the customer we will create a safe working condition.