MAHYTEC is specialized in the design and manufacturing of type 4 tank.
They have the advantage of being light and are therefore perfect for mobile or nomadic applications but can also advantageously be used for stationary storage of large volume.
The compressed hydrogen is stored in a tank composed of a polymer liner and a composite structure that supports the mechanical forces.
Filament winding is a technique that aims to optimally strengthen the liner with long fiber composites to allow the casing to withstand high pressure.


Started by four co-founders specialized in materials science, MAHYTEC now employs over 25 employees offering a wide range of skills. MAHYTEC relies on a solid experience and a proven know-how to offer a customized approach to the most complex problematic in the fields of energy and materials mechanical behavior. MAHYTEC helps its customer to design their structure and optimize their mechanical and energetic performances.

From compressed storage to solid storage through hydrides, MAHYTEC demonstrates its know-how by offering certified solutions. Mastering both technologies allows us to develop hybrid solution which combines advantages of both compressed and solid storage. MAHYTEC also provides complete system solutions integrating the hydrogen chain.