NAI-LOK is the leading manufacturer in flow control technology.

NAI-LOK’s target and challenge is to go beyond the technical limits and striving to become industry leader. From the start, we have focused on research and development of precise valves, regulators, fluid connectors and high-tech flow control system products.

NAI-LOK’s products are widely accepted and approved by users because of it’s safety and stability. Our products are applied in semi-conductor industry, aerospace industry, solar power battery industry, petroleum and petrochemical industry, power plants, bio-pharmaceutical industry, vacuum systems, etc.

NAI-LOK will continuously be on the move in making progress in the high-tech flow control field. We believe in sincerity towards our customers.

NAI-LOK’s reliable products keep on developing with “super, extreme, micro and accuracy” as the keywords in fluid control systems.

It is very important to choose the most suitable products for reliable performance and reasonable price. Help your business to make the most of economic efficiency and security, avoid unnecessary waste of manpower and human resources.

NAI-LOK Service

NAI-LOK not only provides a product, we also provide the best fluid system solution for you.
Because we are manufacturers, we know the internal structure and working principles of fluid control projects better than anyone else.

Installation instructions
NAI-LOK has a technical team with rich experience in the field of fluid control systems. Our team uses industry-leading installation and inspection equipment. From the drawing board to installation, NAI-LOK will provide you with the most professional services, technical assistance and quality assurance, to bring and keep your system in optimum condition.

Project tracking
NAI-LOK will form a dedicated team for every project, in order to provide a better aftermarket service.

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