Pressure Tech

A pressure regulator is a critical component in any fluid control system. At HSP Worldwide and Pressure Tech, we offer high quality products with all design and manufacturing performed at our UK facilities in Glossop, Derbyshire. We work closely with our customers to ensure they achieve the specific control they require on their systems.

Pressure Tech Brochure

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HSP Worldwide & Pressure Tech: Working with customers to support their exact needs.

Pressure Tech regulators are predominantly machined from 316SS but we also supply products in Titanium, Inconel, Hastelloy and other exotic alloys. From regulators used subsea to regulators used in aircraft our flexible and rapid response to “engineered solutions” provides a distinct advantage to our customers. Pressure Tech has a range of pressure regulators covering pressure control from 0.1bar to 1380bar (20,000psi) and port sizes from 1/8” to 3”.

Leading the market through innovation

Our innovative approach to product design means that we consider materials that last longer in service and downtime is reduced due to features that allow the regulators to be easily maintained. Our knowledge of pressure regulator principles and our rapid response to problem solving has allowed us to develop an extensive range of products used worldwide on various systems from gas analysers to hydraulic wellhead panels.

Quality design & manufacture

A committed and continual investment in our CNC machine centres ensures we have total control over production to minimise lead times, allow flexibility in our scheduling and provide components to the highest quality standard including traceability of material on all pressure retaining parts. Pressure Tech regulators are designed and manufactured within the UK and are covered by ISO-9001-2008.

Working closely with our customers

Our ability to work closely with our customers and listen to their needs means we can be flexible and innovative in our supply. A strategic network of distributors provides local support to our international customer base. Combining the marketing advantages of a distributor network with an ‘open approach’ to technical requirements provides a win-win situation for all our customers. Ultimately, we lead the market in design and allow ease of access via our distributors.