High Pressure Hydraulic Regulators

HYD-691 Series

The HYD-691 is the compact version of the highly successful LF-690 series regulator, it has been designed as an economical alternative to the LF-690 for hydraulic oil applications, yet still incorporates all the key features of the larger regulator including ceramic seats. The ceramic ball has a ‘glass like’ finish to provide a positive shut-off and is also fully supported to ensure fixed travel in the ‘Y’ axis. The regulator is self-relieving with a segregated captured vent as standard.

‘Low Flow’ Hydraulic Reducing Regulator. Cv 0.06 Piston Sensed for outlet control to 690bar / 10000psi

LF 690/691 Series

The LF-690 is a piston-sensed low-flow reducing regulator with ceramic seating to provide the ultimate protection against the harsh service encountered on water-based hydraulic applications such as water glycol. For hydro-carbon applications, refer to HYD-691.
Its unique seating cartridge ensures the main valve is fully supported during operation to prevent ‘chattering’. The LF-690 is supplied with a segregated captured vent to prevent deterioration to the loading mechanism and making the regulator cleaner to service.

‘Low Flow’ Hydraulic Reducing Regulator with ceramic seating and fully supported main valve for water glycol applications. Piston Sensed for outlet control to 1380bar / 20000psi.