Medium Flow Pressure Regulators


The MF-101 is a piston-sensed medium-flow pressure regulator. As standard, the MF-101 features an unbalanced main valve with a large precision machined sensing element that controls outlet pressures up to 35bar (510psi) on self-venting models, and up to 40bar (580psi) on non-venting models from a maximum 100bar (1,450psi) inlet pressure.

Medium-Flow Pressure Regulator: Gas or Liquid / Piston / Cone Seat / Self-Venting or Non-Venting / Max Inlet: 100bar (1,450psi) / Max Outlet: 35bar (510psi) / CV: 0.5


The MF-230 is a versatile and economical medium-flow pressure regulator for gas and liquid applications with a large sensitive elastomeric diaphragm.
The MF-230 features a balanced main valve design which minimises load on the seat and provides stable pressure control under decaying inlet conditions. Additionally, servicing is simplified with easy access to the seat cartridge from the base of the regulator.

Medium-Flow Pressure Regulator: Gas or Liquid / Inconel® X750 Diaphragm / Non-Venting / Max Inlet: 230bar (3,350psi) / Max Outlet: 10bar (145psi) / CV: 1.0