PYPLOK® Fittings

PYPLOK® is a 360° radial swage mechanically attached fitting which permanently connects pipe and tube for a leak free, cold connection.

The fitting can be used in a wide variety of low to high pressure piping applications in industries such as Marine & Offshore, Navy, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Steel, Mining and other Industrial uses.

PYPLOK® Fittings incorporates a unique sealing capability by using four non-metallic O-Rings which compress against the pipe surface which produces a leak tight, permanent seal. Due to the use of O-Rings, the fitting is able to be installed on normal pipe and tube tolerances and surface conditions.

The Tube-Mac PYPLOK® system is extremely versatile: Ideal for gaseous systems as well as fluids.
Also available in various shapes: tees, elbows, 45° and 90°, reducers and custom ends.

PYPLOK® can be safely installed in an environment

Advantages of using PYPLOK®

PYPLOK® requires no hot work, PYPLOK® is installed cold.
The time required to join the pipe ends together is significantly shorter because of the portable tools used to compress the fitting onto the pipe.
Reduced inspection time through an inspection gauge. This eliminates conventional NDT requirements such as X-rays etc.
There is no need for fire watch or any special fire permit.
PYPLOK® is a safe cold work technology.


Watch the video of PYPLOK®