Type plates

Type plates made of aluminum or stainless steel are used to provide you with signage, indication or important information. They can be applied to machinery and industrial products.
Such type plates should last for many years under the most extreme conditions. We assess the application and advise you on material and technology.
Whether you need 10 aluminum or 1000 stainless steel type plates, HSP Worldwide handles every assignment with the greatest care. At HSP Worldwide you are always assured of quality and prompt service.

For each application the right solution
Together we always end up with the desired result. A simple type plate in one color or full color, suitable for indoor applications or extreme outdoor conditions. For mounting the plates we can apply mounting holes or double sided tape.
With our knowledge of materials and techniques, we always have the optimal solution.

The most common type plates are listed below.

Aluminum type plates
Aluminum is the most common used material. It has a light finish and is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Our anodized aluminum is of a unique, high quality (AlMg1).

Stainless steel type plates

Stainless steel is the perfect solution for plates that have to withstand extreme conditions or need to have a luxurious, durable look. Maintenance is virtually nil and of course they’re made of stainless steel. As a result, this type of plate has a long lifespan.
Stainless steel plates can be engraved or printed. In addition, it’s no problem for HSP Worldwide to add various colors and create unique shapes.

If you have any questions about the possibilities, please email info@hspworldwide.com