Windmill Parts

HSP Worldwide is specialist in exclusif high quality filter elements for the Windmill Industry.
HSP Worldwide Filter efficiency = up to > 99.5%


– Strict selection of filter media
– Filters have been widely used in the Wind Power Industry, and have received recognition from many satisfied customers
– HSP Worldwide filters have achieved international recognition as direct replacements for most major filter manufacturers in the wind industry

Gearbox Desiccant Breather:

– Efficient water vapor absorption
– Simple and reliable lubricant protection device
– Flexible polycarbonate plastic shell with elastic, shock-resistant structure
– Two-way controllable airflow
– Multi-stage filtration process
– Color-changing desiccant gives visual replacement indication

Filter Elements for Hydraulic Pump Station:

– Filtration precision: 10μm, β10 © > 200
– Filtration efficiency: >99.5%
– Filter crushing pressure: 20bar
– Operating temperature: -20C -120C
– Suitable for pumping stations produced by Eaton, Parker, Internormen and others

Gearbox Filter Element Models:

Hydraulic Pump Station Filter Element Models: